The Theater of Honour

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#32 Andre Favyn, The Theater of Honour (1623)

Jaggard’s interest in history and heraldry is further demonstrated by this translation of Favyn’s Theater of Honour. Jaggard himself signed the dedication, in which he praises the “reading of Chronicles and Authentic Histories” because they are filled with wisdom and virtue. This elaborate and beautiful book includes many images and is printed in both red and black ink—it is a far more sophisticated production than the First Folio. Jaggard started production on the Theater at about the same time as work on the First Folio commenced, early in 1622. The two books shared a similar schedule: bibliographical analysis shows that work was interrupted on both at about the same time, and they were finished late in 1623, just after William Jaggard had died.  This book is from the collection of Arthur E. Bonfield.